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Jockey Limo is one of the leading executive chauffeured services company in Boston.

Whether it is for business or pleasure, will get you there discreetly and safely.


Make your Life Comfortable by Riding in a Luxurious Limo

Nowadays you get respect because of your style or how you travel. People can be seen boasting about everything they have. You might be feeling dropped out when you can not afford to travel in style or you are not able to carry yourself in a fashionable manner. Our Boston Limo Service makes things easier for you and tries to erase all your problems. You can now boast off among your friends and family by travelling in a luxurious limo car. You might be worried that not everyone can afford to travel in a limo, Jockey Limo has tried to put very low prices on every ride. Now you can enjoy luxurious rides in limos on very economical rates. You can also book our limo rides if you are planning to go on a holiday or just want to meet your relatives in the town.

Boston Limo Service | Exclusive Offers

Jockey Limo always introduces exclusive offers to its clients. On major events and occasions like Christmas or other events that take place in the city. You will be surprised to know that we do not charge a penny on these special events. You can book a Boston Limo ride for free and enjoy luxurious rides without paying for it. No matter how long you cover the distance the offer applies to all types of routes and distances.

Boston Limo Service

We have specials offers for our new and regular clients as well. The high fare does not apply to our regular clients. We offer 10% off on every ride of our regular clients. For the new clients we have specials gifts for example for them 15% is off on every ride. Limousine Service San Diego. tries to launch new offers every year so that our clients do not become bored of the same usual policies. To attract more clients we make our policies productive.

Enjoy Luxuries:

The Boston limo has everything that a passenger dreams to have on a journey. We provide our best facilities. The chauffeurs will treat you in a most friendly and respectful manner. The Boston Limo car is a heaven from inside which will make your ride best drive ever. There will be two mineral water bottles on the side of the passenger seat of room temperature. If you want chill water we have stock of that too.

Our Boston Car Service offers complimentary Wi-Fi. You can enjoy playing games during the journey and can also connect with friends and family. All our cars air conditioned and it is mandatory on the chauffeurs to turn on the AC before the passenger sits inside the car. There is a drop-down LCD in front of the passenger seats on which you can watch your favorite tv shows. You can also connect games on the LCD we have got all the instruments of gaming. Now your kids are not going to get bored during the ride and won’t annoy you. Have a super comfortable ride in our luxurious limos.

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